Summer Season 2015
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Team Alley Secretary
Booksiders Herdsman No.2 Mr R. Dean
Busbars The Barrels Mr M.G. Davies
Gone Bucking Potty Potting Shed Mrs L. Trippass
Herdsman Howlers Herdsman No.1 Mr P. Pusharski
Mooch Snooker Centre No.1 Mr C. Stephens
Muttleys Crew Golden Lion Miss A. Cousins
Southend Travellers Credenhill Social Club Mrs A. Bounds
Team Alley Secretary
Acorns Plough Inn Mr R. Olejnik
Barton Lads Club No.2 Mr R. Jones
Edwardians City Sports Club Mr D. Cartwright
Military G.P.O. Military Club No.1 Mr R. Davies
Renegades Richmond Club No.1 Mrs S. Boswell
Richmond Drakes Richmond Club No.2 Mr P. Bethell
Richmond Northend Richmond Club No.4 Mr A. Marchant
Vaga Mixers Vaga Tavern Mrs G. Bullock
Team Alley Secretary
Egg-on-Toast Military Club No.1 Mr M. Preece
L.W.T. Lions Richmond Club No.1 Mr R.F. Jones
Ragbags Snooker Centre No.3 Mr A. Crowe
Seven Up Herdsman No.2 Mrs D. Ormerod
Small Heath Alliance Volunteer, Harold Street Mr. S. Somers
Sometimes Victorious Brewers Arms Mr A. Herbert
Stenhousemuir G.W.R.S.A Club No.2 Mr R. Meredith
Woolfy's Pack Credenhill Social Club Mr P.A. Woolf
Team Alley Secretary
Lost Heads The Barrels Mr P. Jones
M&B Seven Stars Seven Stars, Clehonger Mr D. Prosser
Military 'D' Military Club No.2 Mr R. Eames
Simple Six GWRSA Club No.2 Mr A. Colley
The Presidents Kemps Lads Club No.2 Mr W.T. Jones
Welshettes Welsh Club No.2 Ms W. Price
Wye Anchors Snooker Centre No.2 Mr L. Silcox
Team Alley Secretary
Barflys GWRSA Club No.1 Mr T. Archer
Bartonsham Kemps Lads Club No.1 Mr I.M. Jones
Brewers Creeps Brewers Arms Mr R. Beynon
Fire Flys Snooker Centre No.2 Mr D. Stephenson
Pyoneers Wellington Social Club Mr G. Davies
Shop Assistants Welsh Club No.2 Mr H. Sharp
Titanic Herdsman No.1 Mr N. Braithwaite
Wizards Welsh Club No.1 Mr A. Butts
Team Alley Secretary
Bangers Richmond Club No.3 Mr P. Bethell
Con Men Military Club No.2 Mr P. Gould
Dirty Diggers Herdsman No.3 Ms V. Skrme
Evans S.C. Volunteer, Harold Street Mr M. Oliver
Lads Club Denzils Lads Club No.1 Mr L. Cooke
Livin On A Spare Snooker Centre No.1 Mr G. Price
The Regulars Whitecross Tennis Club Mr S. Preece
Wellies Wellington Social Club Mr K. Simkins
Team Alley Secretary
Artists Richmond Club No.2 Mr J. Martin
Beevers Snooker Centre No.3 Mr T. Sutton
Flopham's GWRSA Club No.1 Mrs E. Jones
Ramblers Cross Keys Mr C. Walters
The Alleygators Potting Shed Mr M. Gough
The Mutts Nuts The Victory Mr S. Hughes
Welly All Bears City Sports Club Mr A. Morgan
Westend Vaga Tavern Mr M. Stockton