In this section you can find all of our recent news with regards to the running of the Hereford and District Invitation Skittle League.

Jun 23

Players Required

23 June 2024

Acorns who play on the Q Club No 1 alley are in need of two or three players for the new season and would welcome men or women. If anyone is interested please contact the league and we will put you in contact with the team secretary.

Jun 15

Registration for Season 2024/25.

15 June 2024

There are now only two weeks left with 21 teams still to Register for next season. There are 5 for Division 1, 4 for Division 2, 6 for Division 3 and 6 for Division 4. Is your team one of them, if so please submit your registration NOW. 

Apr 26


26 April 2024

The game took place tonight at The Richmond Club between Dead Men Walking (winners of Div 3) and Tattibogoes (winners of Div 1) Tattibogoes won with a score of 354 against Dead Men Walkings score of 326. 

That ends the winter season for 2023/24, well done to all who took part in the season. Presentation Night where all the cups & trophies will be awarded along with food & a comedian is next Friday the 3rd of May. Tickets still available.

Apr 19


19 April 2024

The semi finals and finals of the singles & pairs took place tonight at The Richmond Club. The scores are shown here with a picture of the board. well done to Des Stephenson for winning the Singles and to Derek, Chris & Will Smith for winning the Pairs.

Apr 14


14 April 2024

The games took place last night (13th) at The Richmond Club, Tattibogoes played Ball Breakers in a semi final, Ball Breakers won 295 to 286. the second semi final was between Spare Bears & Mucking Fuddles, Mucking Fuddles won 294 to 273. The final then between Ball Breakers & Mucking Fuddles was won by Ball Breakers 275 to 270, The 3rd place game did not take place therefore that trophy will not be awarded. Well done to Ball Breakers for winning and to all the teams that took part in this competition.

Apr 13


13 April 2024

The Man V Man cup final took place last night at the Richmond Club between Herefordians & The Con Men.

Herefordians won, 6.5 (game score 278) to Con Mens 3.5 (game score 256) Well done to both teams for getting to the final and to Herefordians for winning.

Apr 13


13 April 2024

This seasons Front Pin final took place last night (12th) between Painters B & Tattibogoes.

Tattibogoes won 224 to Painters B 188.  This game also settles the trophy for Highest Score in the Front Pin competition, it goes to D Owens of Evans SC with a score of 47 in a previous game. Well done to all involved in the Cup.

Apr 11


11 April 2024

The final took place last night (10th) at The Richmond club between Evans SC & Tattibogoes, the game was drawn on section wins 2 all, but Evans SC won on final game score, 319 to 287. Well done to Evans SC.

Nov 26

History of the League

26 November 2023

The winners of each season from 1902/03 until 1932/33 are now available to view under results then select past seasons. The start of Division 2 is 1932/33.

Nov 07


7 November 2023

On Friday 3rd November Div 4 team Legionaires scored a massive 406 on their own alley at The Herdsman. It was the first game they have won this season. Well done, keep it up.