Past seasons

With just a few exceptions (caused by two World Wars and a pandemic), the Hereford and District Invitation Skittle League competition has taken place in Hereford every year since 1902. Take a dive into our rich, 120 year history and see which teams have won every season since our league's formation!

Season Champions Runners-up Third place Highest away score
2023/24 Tattibogoes Harry's Lads F J Lions TBC
2022/23 Tattibogoes Beevers Military 'D' TBC
2021/22 Tattibogoes Evans S C Harry's Lads TBC
2019/20 Tattibogoes Harry's Lads Fire Brigade TBC
2018/19 Evans S C Tattibogoes Harry's Lads TBC
2017/18 Harry's Lads Tattibogoes Fire Brigade TBC
2016/17 Tattibogoes Harry's Lads Military 'D' TBC
2015/16 Fire Brigade Military 'D' Evans S C TBC
2014/15 Harry's Lads Tattibogoes Evans S C TBC
1962/63 Odds & Ends Bartonsham 'B' GPO 'A' TBC
1961/62 Bartonsham 'B' Odds & Ends GPO 'A' TBC
1960/61 Odds & Ends Bartonsham 'B' Labour 'A' TBC
1959/60 GPO 'A' Labour 'A' Conservative 'B' TBC
1958/59 GPO 'A' Labour 'A' TBC TBC
1957/58 Trinity GPO 'A' TBC TBC
1956/57 Conservative 'B' GPO 'A' TBC TBC
1955/56 Labour 'A' Home Guard GPO 'A' TBC
1954/55 Bartonsham 'A' GPO 'A' Military 'B' TBC
1953/54 Bartonsham 'A' GPO 'A' Conservative 'B' TBC
1952/53 Bartonsham 'A' GPO 'A' GPO 'B' TBC
1951/52 GPO 'A' Bartonsham 'A' GPO 'B' TBC
1950/51 Bartonsham 'A' GPO 'A' Military 'B' TBC
1949/50 GPO 'A' Barton Bulmers TBC
1948/49 GPO 'A' Bulmers Military 'B' TBC
1947/48 GPO 'A' Labour 'A' St Martins TBC
1946/47 GPO 'A' Corporation Labour 'A' TBC
1945/46 Military Club Whitecross 'A' Liberal 'A' TBC
1938/39 Military 'B' Conservative 'B' Bartonsham TBC
1937/38 Military 'B' Wyebridge Bartonsham TBC
1936/37 Military 'B' Hereford Times 'A' Bartonsham TBC
1935/36 Military 'B' G P O Labour 'B' TBC
1934/35 G P O Conservative 'A Bartonsham TBC
1933/34 G P O Labour 'A' Bartonsham TBC
1932/33 Military 'B' G P O Rotherwas TBC
1931/32 Labour 'A' G P O Military 'B' TBC
1930/31 Bartonsham Military 'B' G P O TBC
1929/30 Holy Trinity Conservative 'A CYMS TBC
1928/29 Military 'A' Military 'B' Bartonsham TBC
1927/28 Military 'B' Conservative 'A Holy Trinity 'A' TBC
1926/27 Military 'A' Military 'B' Bowling Club TBC
1925/26 Constitutional Club R A O C Bowling Club TBC
1924/25 Bowling Club Military 'B' Holy Trinity M C TBC
1923/24 Constitutional Club YMCA Imperial League TBC
1922/23 White Lion 'A' Constitutional Club Post Office TBC
1921/22 Constitutional Club White Lion Belle Vue TBC
1920/21 Plough Inn (Aubrey Street) Red Triangle White Lion TBC
1919/20 Volunteer (Harold Street) Plough Inn (Aubrey Street) Heart of Oak TBC
1914/15 Heart of Oak Belle Vue Volunteer (Harold Street) TBC
1913/14 Belle Vue Brewers Arms Royal George TBC
1912/13 Heart of Oak Brewers Arms Railway inn TBC
1911/12 White Lion Westend Brewers Arms TBC
1910/11 Brewers Arms Heart of Oak Liberal Club TBC
1909/10 Plough Inn (Aubrey Street) Royal George Brewers Arms TBC
1908/09 White Lion Brewers Arms Plough Inn (Aubrey Street) TBC
1907/08 Brewers Arms Plough Inn (Aubrey Street) Newtown Inn TBC
1906/07 Royal George Black Lion Brewers Arms TBC
1905/06 White Lion Brewers Arms Royal George TBC
1904/05 Brewers Arms Black Lion Royal George TBC
1903/04 Brewers Arms Plough Inn (Aubrey Street) Liberal Club TBC
1902/03 Plough Inn (Aubrey Street) Bowling Green Westend TBC
Season Champions Runners-up Third place Highest away score
2023/24 Wranglers Livin' On A Spare Westend TBC
2022/23 The 'C'on Men Lost Heads Woodentops TBC
2021/22 Richmond Lions Richmond Painters Livin' On A Spare TBC
2019/20 Livin' On A Spare Richmond Lions Richmond Northend TBC
2018/19 Richmond 'A' Buccaneers Wranglers TBC
2017/18 Shop Assistants Barton The 'C'on Men TBC
2016/17 Whitecross 'B' Richmond 'A' Bridgemen TBC
2015/16 Woodpeckers Wellies GWRSA 'B' TBC
2014/15 City Sports Busbars Brian's Northend Boys TBC
1962/63 White Lion GPO 'B' Military 'C' TBC
1961/62 Bricklayers Black Lion Liberal 'B' TBC
1960/61 Military 'B' Barton 'A' Painters 'A' TBC
1959/60 NALGO 'A' Trinity BRS TBC
1958/59 Labour 'B' Nelson TBC TBC
1957/58 Belle Vue Whitecross 'A' TBC TBC
1956/57 Military 'A' Odds & Ends TBC TBC
1955/56 MESC Trinity Liberal 'B' TBC
1954/55 Painters 'A' Portfields NALGO TBC
1953/54 Acorns Liberal 'B' Labour 'A' TBC
1952/53 MESC Home Guard Gas Works TBC
1951/52 Military 'A' Labour 'B' Liberal 'B' TBC
1950/51 Painters 'A' GPO 'B' St Martins TBC
1949/50 Acorns Bartonsham 'B' St Owens 'B' TBC
1948/49 Military 'A' Hereford Times 'A' Bartonsham 'A' TBC
1947/48 Military 'B' NALGO Eignside TBC
1946/47 St Martins Trinity M C 'B' Imperial Brewery TBC
1938/39 Trinity M C 'B' Trinity M C 'A' CYMS 'A' TBC
1937/38 Military 'A' Midland Red Garden City TBC
1936/37 Wyebridge SWS 'B' Eignside TBC
1935/36 Trinity M C Corporation 'B' Liberal 'B' TBC
1934/35 Bulmers Trinity Labour 'B' TBC
1933/34 Conservative 'A Eignside Corporation 'A' TBC
1932/33 Corporation 'B' Widemarsh CYMS 'A' TBC

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