Imperial Brewery

Formed in 1946, Imperial Brewery was originally the Hereford Brewery which was bought in 1858 by Charles Watkins, owner of the Imperial Inn, Widemarsh Street which itself had a brewhouse. He then renamed it Imperial Brewery. On his retirement in 1898 he sold it to the Tredegar Brewery Co and it became the Tredegar and Hereford Brewery Co Ltd.

In 1945 it was aquired by the Cheltenham Original Brewery Co Ltd who then changed their name to Cheltenham & Hereford Breweries Ltd. Brewing ceased in March 1960 and the site is now Tesco supermarket, Bewell Street.

Skittle team formed in 1946, playing at the Lamb Hotel in 1947 and the Gamecock in 1948. In 1951 they changed their name to CHB SC.

Home alley: Unknown



Imperial Brewery