Chainsaw Massacre

Originally formed in 2005 as the Cotterell Arms playing at the Cotterell Arms.

Changed their name to the Regulars prior to 2009 then to Chainsaw Massacre in 2014 when they moved to the Lads Club No 3 alley upon closure of the Cotterell Arms.

Finished in 2016 due to shortage of a volunteer to act as Secretary.

Home alley: Lads Club no. 3

Secretary: Mr S Preece

League Winners Division 5 - 2014/15

Previous names: Regulars (2009/10 to 2013/14)

Previous alleys: The Cotterell Arms (closed in 2016)

Previous secretaries: Secretary - Mr N Kirby 2005/06 until 2012/13 when he passed away, Mr L Kirby 2013/14, Mr S Preece 2014/15 until 2015/16.

Chainsaw Massacre