St Austell

Formed in 1953 from the workers of a building company called Selleck Nicholls from St Austell in Cornwall who also used to make concrete blocks at Holmer on the site of the old Pomona Cider Works in the 1950's and 60's. Sellack Nicholls grew to be a big force in the area employing up to 250 people and built a lot of houses in the Newton Farm, Whitecross and other areas.

They built the concrete houses which were known as Cornish units, most of which have now been re-clad. The team started off playing upstairs at the Nelson which is now the Stagecoach in West Street. They were playing at the Heart of Oak until 1968 when they moved to the Bowling Green for one season then the Liberal Club for two seasons. In 1971 they moved to the Buckingham playing on a Thursday until 1996 when they moved to the Farmers Club No 1 alley. They changed to playing on a Friday in 1999 and in 2000 they moved to the Hereford Bowling Club. Ceased playing in 2020 due to lack of players caused by Covid 19.

Home alley: Hereford Bowling Club


League Winners - Division 3, 1955, Division 4, 2006, Division 5, 2017.

Previous secretaries: F Parr 1966/67 until 1979/80, 81/82, 1999/2000 until 2000/01, G Pitts 1980/81, 1989/90, M J Curtis 1982/83 until 1983/84, C Brace 1984/85 until 1986/87, G S Payne 1987/88 until 1988/89, D Glinos 1990/91 until 1994/95, 2001/02 until 2012/13, N Blanchard 1995/96 until 1997/98, S Edwards 1998/99, Mr P Hill 2013/14 until 2020.

St Austell